‘Hatha’ is used to describe many forms of yoga. Our Hatha classes are smooth, gentle and flowing but less vigorous than our Vinyasa classes. You’ll be guided safely in and out of yoga postures, with extra attention on alignment. While still challenging, these classes are suitable for those with no prior yoga experience.




‘Vinyasa’ means ‘to place in a special way’. Be ready to move and sweat, flowing through a practice that links movement with breath. More fluid than a Hatha class, the sequence and pace will vary according to the teacher. Prior experience is desirable but not essential. Please let your teacher know if it’s your first Vinyasa class.





Yin yoga is the perfect balance for high-intensity exercise and busy lives! As you move through a series of long, slow and deeply meditative floor-based postures, you’ll release tension and increase calm. Using props for support, we’ll open up the deeper layers of the connective tissue and joints. Great for beginners and less flexi yogis.


Kids Yoga


Kids term-time yoga classes are a fun and healthy way for children aged 5-12 to explore mind, body and soul. We combine special hatha yoga poses, with games, and breath and relaxation exercises that help your groms feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. Email info@innerchildyoga.com.au to register for the term and receive a special discount.