Natascha Flowers

Natascha offers a warm, inclusive and encouraging approach to her yoga classes. Combining creative sequencing theming, Natascha invites you to cultivate a sense of curiosity, compassion and courage both on and off the mat.

Her love for movement, breath and presence began in Acting School (Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne University), and developed into a commitment to sharing creativity, body awareness and voice to empower others. Having completed a Master of Social Work (Monash University) and teacher training at Byron Yoga Centre, Natascha promotes a peaceful, positive relationship with body and mind. Her further training with Noelle Connolly, Sam B Belyea and Ari Levanael has inspired her to create strong and challenging sequences in a safe, integrated and fun way.

Natascha is committed to creating a supportive, calming space for all people in all bodies. Inviting students to listen to their own body, move intuitively and kindly, Natascha brings heart to each of her classes.