Rebalance a spinning soul with the sweet vibes of Sound Healing

With the hot-chip scent of summer holidays still tickling our noses, the return to bright screens and crowded commutes can set the soul into a spin. Searching for a way to bring the body back into balance, Aly Clarke rings the gong for the ancient powers of Sound Healing.

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As we peel ourselves off beach towels and buckle back into the daily grind, mind and body may protest. Morning meetings, school runs and eight hours wedged into sensible shoes – the memory of fresh prawns and afternoon naps melt away like a Calypso in the sun, replaced by the onset of tummy troubles, headaches, anxiety and fatigue.

On the search for a non-invasive, unmedicated way to bring the body back into a happy balance I stumbled across Tibetan Sound Healing. This ancient modality combines restorative yoga postures with the serene sounds, deep vibrations and healing energy of singing bowls, to alleviate stress and rejuvenate the body, facilitating a state of calm and relaxation.

Many cultures have harnessed the medicine of sound as a tool to repair the body. For 40 000 years the Australian Aboriginal people used the ‘yidaki’, often referred to as the didgeridoo, to heal broken bones, muscle tears and illnesses. The classical Indian language Sanskrit, is also believed to have profound healing effects, the sequential flow of sound reflecting the circular structure of the energy body. Spoken or sung as a mantra, certain syllables or phrases invoke precise powers, such as spiritual development and the healing of diseases.

So just how do Tibetan Singing Bowls work? These handmade metal bowls date back to pre-Buddhist Tibetan Bon culture, and were traditionally used for ceremonial and ritual purposes. When struck and sung in specific rhythmic patterns they create vibrational sound harmonics at the frequency of 'AUM' or 'OM'. 

This frequency synchronises our brain waves to the vibrations, engaging the relaxation reflex of the sympathetic nervous system. They slow down our respiratory, brain and heart rate and also disrupt the pain reflex, creating a deep feeling of well being.

What can you expect from a Sound Healing experience? Sessions unfold over two delicious hours, and focus on releasing layers of tension from the physical and energetic body. Participants move through a series of passive floor-based restorative and yin yoga poses that nourish and stimulate the energy channels of the body. The Singing Bowls are moved around the room and suspended above different energy centres of the body, allowing you to find individual healing through sound. You’ll rise from the practice feeling calm, clear and connected. 

What they said:

How does it feel? Like you’re being washed with sound. Literally... I’d highly recommend it. In fact, I’ll go out on a vibration-enhanced limb and say you’ll love it.
— Jessica Mattews, Harper’s BAZAAR
It resonates with you on some deeper level, activating that little wellness nugget in your brain that lets you give yourself a break.
— Emma Markezic, Body & Soul