Sarah Andrijcich

Sarah first found Ashtanga yoga at the age of 18, following years of training in Classical Ballet and Contemporary Dance. It wasn’t until she walked into her first vinyasa class, years later, that she found a new form of expression; a freedom and space for creativeness that she had been seeking in her movement again. On a deeper more intrinsic level was the transformation that the practice provided her spiritually. Ever since then has been a process of metamorphosis into a new way of being.

She has completed over 350 hours of training with her teachers Noelle Connolly, Meghan Currie, Maty Ezraty and Nico Luce. Inspired by movement, creation, nature and travel, her classes are slow and strong, rhythmic and spirited. She teaches from a place of creative and spiritual exploration, harmoniously connecting mind, body and breath.

Sarah is a yoga teacher, photographer and creative freelancer.