Sonia Scali

Sonia’s journey began in 2003 when she went to a Hatha yoga class in a gym in South London. She loved the way yoga made her feel – not only physically, slowly feeling her body become stronger and more flexible, but also mentally. The integration of body, connecting breath with fluid movement, engaged her mind completely like no other form of exercise.

Since then Sonia has practiced many different styles but is inherently drawn to the powerful flow and moving meditation that Vinyasa offers. Sonia has over 500 hours of yoga teacher training under the guidance of internationally renowned teachers including Maty Ezraty, Simon Park, Noelle Connolly, Meghan Currie and Melanie McLaughlin.

Sonia’s goal is to live yoga daily, both on and off the mat. Teaching allows her to share her passion for yoga and create a space free of judgement, to nourish and restore. Her classes feature progressive and creative flowing sequences that give you the space to feel each asana and surrender to stillness.