Stella Chambers

Even when completing her first teacher training over 10 years ago, Stella never intended to teach yoga. She wanted to learn about the history, read the books, and uncover what it was about the practice that made her feel so darn good. By the time the training finished she knew she had no choice but to share the goodies! 

Stella came to the mat during a severe struggle with depression and anxiety. She spent the first few classes crying in child’s pose before she began to move and breathe. It was the beginning of something big. No judgement – just space to be, grow and connect.  

With a toolbox packed with knowledge from yin yoga and meditation, hatha vinyasa, power yoga, and yoga therapy training, Stella teaches a style of yoga that that allows people to be exactly where they are. She firmly believes yoga brought her back to a life worth living, and knows it can do the same for you. 

From a corporate career in publicity, to a life breathing and moving on the mat, Stella loves to infuse her classes with mindfulness, breath and flow, and good soundtracks to boot.