‘Your classes were the highlight of my time in Sydney. Unfortunately, I’ve relocated back to Singapore to no classes for me for the time being. However I still love keeping up your offerings in hope that one day, somehow, I might just find myself living in Sydney and going for your classes again. I honestly haven’t found a studio that’s brought me as much joy :) x ‘


‘Hi Anna, Oceane, Illana, Aly and all the amazing Sona Team,

I just wanted to drop you guys an email to thank you so much for having me and teaching me the wonderful ways of yoga. I'm moving away from Sydney and the saddest part about leaving is not being able to come to yoga anymore. 

I've absolutely loved the studio, the amazing community to share the space with and you guys! Thank you for making me feel welcome, and sharing your hard work and your passion.

Lots of love, and hopefully see you again!’


‘Sona Yoga introduced me to yoga last year and I knew right from the first class that this studio would be the best choice. I want to thank the incredibly inspiring team of trainers who taught me how to breathe, how to let go, how to celebrate my body in a respectful way, how to be fully aware of my actions, thoughts and emotions, in fact how to just be me. Encouragements during class were truly appreciated and help me to never give up. Huge gratitude.’


‘After moving to Randwick earlier this year I started coming into Sona and quickly fell in love. I've now unfortunately moved out of the area which has meant I haven't been able to continue with my membership but I just wanted to shoot a quick email and let you know how much I loved my time at Sona. It's such a beautiful space and all of the teachers by far exceeded any and all expectations.

I have been practicing yoga for nearly 7 years now but it wasn't until I came to the studio that I started to understand yoga in a more holistic way and it became part of my identity as opposed to just something that I did. I feel so grateful to everyone there for creating a space that allowed me to put ego aside and tap into a far more grounded practice.’


‘There is just something about having a fresh start and not knowing anyone, that opens you up for new experiences and people. It also makes you aware of places where you feel at home. With the idea that I wanted to do more Yoga when I arrived in Australia my airbnb host brought me to Sona Yoga and 2,5 years later I’m still here. My first class was Hatha with Anna and after doing Friday afternoon Yin I was sold! I felt as if I was floating.

Bit by bit I realised that there was something inside me that called out for yoga, it just made me feel so good about myself. I am so much more aware about my body and posture and I learned how to listen to my inner self.

I made some life changing decisions and want to become a Yoga teacher myself to carry on these amazing vibes of acceptance, love and nurture at my home country. ‘

Namaste :)


‘Hi Anna,

I just wanted to write to let you know that your team hosting the Kangaroo Valley retreat over the weekend was nothing short of outstanding! It is impossible to tell you in words the experience that we had over these days. From the instant I drove down that incredible entrance to the property, my heart sang and continued to sing - only increasing in vibration and energy as the weekend continued. The superb immersion in nature…. our accommodation made by hand with such passion and soul…the outstanding  instructors Ilana and Oceane with their energy, love, expert skill and thoughtfulness….the additional team of Alicia, Ange and Grace….the incredible food….the whole experience was just something else - I am pretty sure we were closer to the heavens than the rest of the world for these days.

So I wanted to let you know, so that you could be extremely proud and to tell you that you could not have had more fantastic people representing you and your business! If I lived in Sydney, I would be in your studio every day.

This beautiful experience has filled my soul and I swear that even though I am now back int he rat race with pressure and demands all around me, I have every second person that I know around me saying “I want what your on”….

….I’m on a Sona retreat high…..

Much love to you and your team

Jo xxx’

Jo, Kangaroo Valley Retreat 2019 

‘I honestly feel like a new human if I wasn’t addicted to yoga I definitely am now!’

Fionnuala, Kangaroo Valley Retreat 2019 

It was that special something, so hard to characterise with words that initially kept me coming back to the mat, the way it changes the way you engage with life, and ultimately the way you engage with yourself. I embarked on yoga teacher training just to find out more about this incredible practice that had become such an integral part of my life. Yoga Teacher Training with YogaKoh & Sona brought more to my life than I ever thought possible. It made me realise that the yoga practice I had already established was merely the tip of the iceberg, and if that tip of the iceberg had such a profound impact on my life already, just imagine what exploring the deeper layers held. The course really got to the core of the practice, the place where the magic lies, and that is through the wisdom and energy that Jolie and team bring to the table. The personal growth afforded to me through completion of this course is so far beyond any of my expectations, something I am so grateful for. Words simply cannot do it justice! I would highly recommend this course to anyone and everyone.  

Sen, YTT 2019